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Why Use Us

We Are One of the Most Convenient Sources for Financial Advisors. We Give You Only the Best Financial Advisors in Your Area.

Advisors Direct Philosophy

When it comes to your finances, you want the best advisors helping you with your decision making. The financial advisors we listed are accredited, experienced and carry a wide variety of licenses making them very professional and they work on your behalf. By getting quotes from three of the leading financial advisors you are assured that you will receive the best information available. When you get your quotes here, you can relax while the top advisors contact you.

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Our FAQs Will Guide You in Picking the Right Advisor for You

We are an independent, innovative and exciting website established to help you source for reputable financial advising company quickly and efficiently. Whatever your financial needs or inquiries may be, our list has top-rated professional, and you can get quotes from up to three leading experts in an area near you.
You do not pay to use our service. You only pay the advisor which you select to use directly.
This varies from one advisor to the other depending on their education and their level of experience. An advisor will charge based on commission or fee-only. If charges are based on commission, the amount will usually be a percentage of each transaction while if by fee-only, he or she will typically charge an hourly rate or will quote a specified fee for the services provided.
Our team are friendly and always ready to help in answering your questions. You only need to contact us page, and we will answer any questions or queries you may have.
You need an advisor for you to be able to take informed decisions in all kinds of financial products and financial aspects of your life – equities, bonds, insurance, taxes, and estate planning. With every type of financial advisor option available, you will be able to find the advice you need, whether you are just graduating or about to retire.
You will be guided in choosing a professional who has your best interests in mind and has experience dealing with clients in similar circumstances to yours.

Professional Financial Information

Our Primary Objective Is To Do It Right & Offer You The Highest Standard Of Service


You want to maximize the money in your pocket for now and the future? Knowledge of the financial advisory industry is paramount, and that guides us in choosing professionals we offer to you.


We don’t just list every advisor available; we researching every professional on our list. All registered financial advisors have an excellent profile.


You will receive an automated response within seconds and get a direct response from us within a few hours. We ensure that professionals referred to you are best suited for your needs and follow up on them for excellent service.

Complaints Procedure

Our priority is to provide the most excellent possible service, so we believe it is of utmost importance to deal with complaints immediately. You will be offered the most suitable resolution step within five days. Sometimes, it may take longer, but we will keep you informed throughout the process. We will try to address your concerns, give you an explanation and discuss any needed action.
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